Our team helps you build your career story.

We developed DRIVEN Career Map™ to walk you through, step by step, the essential elements of managing your career.

“70% of people are disengaged in their jobs, according to a recent Gallup poll.”

That’s why we developed The Driven Career Map™. ​We want to partner with you and help you develop a personalized roadmap that aligns with your core strengths and accelerates your career and life to the next level of fulfillment and success!


The DRIVEN Career Map Team

After working with thousands of clients over the past twenty years, we’ve compiled a set of strategies and resources to enable you to define and pursue the career and life you want.


The Reece Group – CEO
DRIVEN Career Map – Co-Founder

Alicia Reece, PCC

Alicia can be best described as a partner who enables her clients to deepen their self-awareness and take the right actions to drive key outcomes in their careers and lives. She acts as a Career & Leadership GPS – championing and challenging her clients at all levels to explore roads that harness their emotional intelligence and strengths. Navigating career and leadership transitions, change, stakeholders, and mindfulness are specialties for Alicia. Alicia brings 20 years of experience working with Fortune 500 clients such as Cisco, Gilead Sciences, Lyft, LinkedIn, Salesforce, and Warner Brothers. Alicia’s mission is to enable her clients to cultivate their career journeys with purpose, passion, and peace of mind.


How Do You Manage – CEO
DRIVEN Career Map – Co-Founder

Valerie Jennings, PCC

Val’s business experience includes 20+ years working in high tech, managing large, complex, global teams. She partners with clients seeking to maximize their performance. She has worked with clients at: Bulletproof, Cisco, Facebook, Checkr, Uptake, Cloudera, and The Rwanda School Project. She provides one-on-one coaching and team workshops in a safe environment, where clients get clear on what they want, and then create actionable plans to chart a path towards their goals. Having been a working mom throughout her career, Val is inspired to help clients find strategies for joyfully juggling parenting, careers, and self-care.


We love helping clients, like you, to move forward in their careers…with purpose, passion, and peace of mind.

Most of us begin our careers taking anything we can get. Sounds familiar? But as we quickly learn, we all have


that start to shape whether or not we actually like the work we do. Paying attention to all of those elements of who we are is essential to staying happy and maintaining a balance between life and work.

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Discover your roadmap to a fulfilling career.

DRIVEN Career Map

Discover your roadmap to a fulfilling career.
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