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Are you considering a change in your career and not sure where to start to navigate the career change or transition?

Consider partnering with a DRIVEN Career Map Coach.

Driven Career Map was created to enable professionals to proactively manage their careers and transitions. Our multi-industry clients include:

Enterprise Organizations
Employee Resource Groups
Professional Associations
Senior leaders

Individual Contributors
New Managers
Professionals Considering Retirement

Consider Driven Career Map for your next in-person or virtual workshop or individual coaching experience. Select one of our service offerings today to drive the results you want with purpose, passion, and peace of mind.


Our Workshops

Managing your career requires skill, focus, and professional assistance along the way. In the DRIVEN Career Map workshopour certified coaches will provide you with tools and support to guide you through creating a roadmap for your career. In the workshop, you will:

Gain a new perspective on your skills, strengths, and weaknesses
Develop your branding narrative through step-by-step guided exercises
Learn how to leverage your relationships through every phase of your career
Explore career management and transition resources

Atlanta In Person Cohort

San Francisco North Bay In Person Cohort

Virtual Cohort (using video conferencing)


One-on-One Coaching Sessions

DRIVEN Career Map can be experienced individually through one-on-one coaching. Our certified coaches will partner with you to explore and navigate DRIVEN Career Map resources, tools, and best practices. By the end of the coaching engagement, you will walk away with the following:

  • A new perspective on your skills, strengths, and weaknesses
  • A clear understanding of your brand and how to articulate it
  • Skills to cultivate strong relationships through every phase of your career
  • A robust career plan

Career & behavioral assessments are available upon request. Coaching sessions can be done in person (Atlanta & San Francisco) or virtually via video conference. Consider scheduling a complimentary introductory session with one of our talented coaches.

Let’s Start Building Your Career Map Today!

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